Monday, September 17, 2007

Security Mike's Presale

I'm really excited to be announcing Security Mike's Guide to Internet Security. It's a 10-Step process broken up into 3 sections to help consumers protect themselves and their kids from hackers, identity thieves, and other online mayhem.

The product will be delivered via Security Mike's Portal, which will go live on October 15. I am taking pre-sale orders until then and offering a $10 discount, as well as a few bonuses to give you an incentive to jump on now.

You will be able to get the Guide for $27 until October 15. When the Portal launches the price is going up to $37.

If you want to find out more about the program, register on Security Mike's web site and you'll get the Special Report: 6 Easy Steps to Protect Your Identity. This is Step 6 in Security Mike's process and you can get it for free. These are things that EVERYONE should be doing, so register and download the document today.

I also mentioned a couple of bonuses. The first is a little guide on "How to UninsSecurity Mike's Guide to Internet Securitytall Symantec and McAfee (without killing your machine)." Since a hallmark of Security Mike's approach is that consumers don't need to pay for security software anymore, you'll want to get rid of those heavy "suites" that slow down your machine and lighten your wallet. This report shows you how to do that.

The second bonus is "How to talk to your kids about Internet Security." These are pretty hard discussions to have, but it's absolutely critical that you address the issues. This special report will provide some ideas and tactics for you to do just that, in Security Mike's no-nonsense way.

Remember, the pre-sale period ends on October 15. So don't delay. You can save some money and get the bonuses.

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