Monday, September 24, 2007

Smarten up about Phishing

This NetworkWorld article wonders if we will ever learn about Phishing? They are having a conference in a few weeks on that very topic. You won't be attending, so I'll tell you what is likely to be discussed.
  1. A small minority of the Phishers out there are good. So your job is to make sure you don't get taken by the bad guys.

  2. There are attacks coming from everywhere. Even online games. So you have to be careful and always have your guard up. It'll keep you alive.
One thing that is unlikely to be discussed is what to do if/when you do get compromised. There are few (if any) technical defenses to a well-executed Phishing attack. You should be in the habit of monitoring your financial accounts at least daily to REACT FASTER if your information is stolen.

The numbers indicate it will happen to you, so you better be ready. Remember, Security Mike's Guide will teach you the basics of how to detect a Phishing email in Step 7.

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