Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Is Facebook playing lip service or the ostrich game?

I love the NY DA's office. These guys go after big hairy issues. Of course, they generate a ton of press for themselves, but it's all good because they are asking the right kinds of questions.

Per the All things Digital blog, Facebook is now under investigation for not adequately protecting minors. Investigators set up fake profiles and got solicited - and not in a good way. Of course Facebook is showing the right amount of deference and saying they take the issues seriously. Blah blah blah.

The fact remains that no one at Facebook is accountable for this. There doesn't seem to be a high profile security/privacy officer. That's ridiculous. MySpace has one, especially after they booted off 29,000 registered sex offenders. TWENTY NINE THOUSAND.

How many of them opened up shop at Facebook? Greater than zero, I suspect.

This is no time for Facebook to be burying their head in the sand. Zuckerberg has to stop focusing on how much money the company is worth and start assuring parents about the safety of their children. That kind of liability (once the lawsuits start flying) can turn over $10 billion into Napster overnight.

Yes, stopping hackers and making sure your machine isn't turned into a zombie is a critical goal of Security Mike's Guide. But I think the biggest impact I can hope to have is on the kids. They need to grow up fast in today's environment, and their folks need tools to teach them right from wrong.

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