Friday, October 5, 2007

Security Mike Update: QuickTime 7.2

Per Brian Krebs' great Security Fix blog, Apple has issued a patch to QuickTime for Windows users. If you use iTunes on Windows XP or Vista, that means you. So patch your devices ASAP. Here's how:

  1. Find Apple Software Update in your Programs Menu and click on it.
  2. The following dialog box comes up.

  3. Install it. You'll see in my screen shot that I am on Windows Vista and will need to authenticate as an administrator to perform the update.
  4. You'll see the following screen to confirm that it was installed. Then you need to restart.

  5. You are good to go.
Once Security Mike's Portal goes live on October 15, I'll just be providing these updates to subscribers. So enjoy for now. The best way to make sure you are on top of things is to buy Security Mike's Guide and get the update service free for 6 months.

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