Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Exploit Wednesday - Are you patched?

As described on Monday, Microsoft issued their monthly set of patches yesterday. There were 6 in all (as opposed to the 7 that they previewed). 4 are critical and have to do with Windows, Office and SharePoint.

Regardless of how Microsoft grades their patches, you should install them as quickly as possible. Once the patch is out there, the bad guys can reverse engineer the attack. That's why I have proclaimed the day after Patch Tuesday to be "Exploit Wednesday" as well start to see these attacks in the wild - as early as today.

So run Microsoft Update on your machine and install the patches. Here is the list of patches you should be applying. If there are no patches listed, then click the link to "check for updates" to make sure you've got the latest patches.

Once it is done, you can check the history to ensure the patches happened successfully.

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