Monday, October 1, 2007

McAfee joins the upgrade parade

Last week I showed how my Big Yellow friends (that's Symantec, for those of you not familiar with my lingo) were trying to get me to upgrade to the latest version. Not to be outdone, I got the following email from the folks at McAfee last night.

I used McAfee on an old machine that pretty much died about 12 months ago. I didn't have a great experience with McAfee either, so I just let the subscription lapse when it expired.

McAfee uses the fear card as well, which I guess works because these are big companies that sell a lot of software.

The big message I take out of these upgrade/renewal attempts? Basically there is no way you should be paying retail for security software. Even if you decide to go with a big market name (which is OK), by waiting for a day or week you can save 50%.

To be clear, Security Mike's Guide can show you how to protect your systems without paying for security software, but at a minimum please don't pay retail. You are wasting money.

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